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Chocolate Vine Perennial – Akebia quinata – 2.5″ Pot

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A more manageable vine that grows only to the size of its support structure. Very twining habit. Good for growing on a fence or wall. Small palm-shaped leaves with purple flower clusters in early summer. Zones 4-8

4 reviews for Chocolate Vine Perennial – Akebia quinata – 2.5″ Pot

  1. Michael Smith

    Akebia vine arrived quickly and healthy! Looking good and growing!

  2. Kevin Velazquez

    At first i was like this plant is dead because of the damage of the shipping. But i managed to get hold with someone and guided me to see if i can wake them up from dormant if not they will refund me. I was hoping they do wake up so i added enzymes to my little plants and after 2 days they woke up and started to see so many new growth! Im happy with my plants! As i got 4 of them in case one dies but all are thriving!! Now im waiting for the flowers and fruit

  3. Michael Smith

    Akebia vine arrived healthy and in good shape! Putting on leaves and looking good!

  4. lyneen murphy

    These guys arrived perfect. Even in Wyoming weather. Can’t wait to put them in the ground.

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