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Colonized Whole Oat Grain Spawn Bags, 3 lbs., Colonized Mushroom Grain Spawn

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Experience the power of our premium Colonized Grain Spawn, your key to successful mushroom cultivation. Our meticulously prepared spawn is ready to kickstart your grow, ensuring abundant fruiting. Start cultivating your own mushrooms with confidence and unlock a world of benefits with our trusted Colonized Grain Spawn.

4 reviews for Colonized Whole Oat Grain Spawn Bags, 3 lbs., Colonized Mushroom Grain Spawn

  1. David Michaels

    working great so far recommend

  2. Breathe. Love. Sound.

    It looks great. I did ask to include instructions because my family and I are new to mycology. Maybe it is not something they offer. There was not an attempt to answer. Perhaps they didn’t see the request?
    The blocks are packaged well and ready to fruit. YouTube offers plenty of info on fruiting. Perhaps I’ll update with photos of the yield.

  3. Breathe. Love. Sound.

    I would order again from this seller. The price was good.
    When I got it, it was starting to grow already, which I confused for mycelium. So I encouraged the side growth and got a good yield, then recognized the LM growing like grass along the top. A huge yield.
    That was harvested. I was going to discard the block when I noticed a week later another LM growing. After another several days, it grew but not as big the first 2 times around but enough to enhance the dish for a meal for 2!

  4. Kathryn Crew

    Everything was just right. Thank you!

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