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Corten Steel Water Feature – Custom Water Feature – Water Walls & Waterfalls – Outdoor Fountains, Decorative Water Features – Custom Made

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Material: Corten Weathering Steel

Color: Natural rust (as pictured)

Includes: Pump & all pipe work – everything you need to have it running

Sphere Fountain Corten

The H&P Building of features is designed to stand the test of time. Constructed from Corten weathering steel, these feature age to a beautiful rust patina that will not effect the life of the piece. A stunning statement in any landscape.

Can Corten steel be used as a water feature?

Corten steel is a popular choice for outdoor water features because it’s incredibly durable and long-lasting. Plus, it develops a beautiful orange-brown patina over time, giving it a unique and natural look that blends perfectly with outdoor environments.

Does Corten steel continue to rust?

Although Corten steel is corrosion resistant, it is not entirely rust-proof. How long Corten steel lasts and how quickly the protective layer of rust develops depends mainly on climate and environmental factors. Generally, Corten steel will patina or rust within six months of atmospheric exposure

Cor-Ten sheet facade cladding naturally changes its appearance over time, it is resistant to atmospheric agents, producing an extraordinary oxide finish that protects it from corrosive phenomena. In fact, rust creates a surface coat that constantly regenerates itself and allows the facade cladding to “protect itself”, offering a highly durable and low-maintenance solution.

Designers and planners have the possibility of imagining continuous surfaces capable of establishing a visual dialogue with the surrounding environment, thanks to the ability to gradually change their appearance over time, using that “formal language” typical of steel, and exploiting above all the its ornamental characteristics.

Today Cor-Ten is used in architecture as if it were a tailor-made covering, such as a fabric, cut, folded, “stretched” and decorated with inlays and processes that enhance its elastic qualities.

Corten is an amazing architectural metal that gains a thin layer of rust over time. It is used on buildings, in landscaping and anywhere people want to make a statement. If you don’t know what the material looks like, Sir Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North in Gateshead is made of Corten steel. That’s a perfect example of how this material ages over time and can look amazing in any situation.

Corten water features

You don’t have to live in an architectural masterpiece to enjoy a Corten steel water feature. They are portable, easy to install and are self-sufficient once plumbed in. They can be placed on any level surface and provide endless hours of enjoyment.

Corten steel is uniquely self-rusting, giving it a deep orange appearance. This lends itself well to architectural uses either on buildings, in gardens or as a trim or feature in parks. It is exceptionally weather and rain resistant and needs very little maintenance once installed.

Once installed, it will take between four to six months to weather to its full potential. Once fully weathered, it will retain its rich burnt orange color for the rest of its life.

Things to know about Corten steel water features

The weathering effect with these water features does involve some runoff that can stain adjacent areas. Prepare the area carefully to absorb any runoff until fully matured at 4-6 months. Once mature, there should be no more runoff.

Corten steel water features are not suitable for fish or animals.

So, with that all in mind, what are the best uses for metal screens in your studio or office space?

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4 reviews for Corten Steel Water Feature – Custom Water Feature – Water Walls & Waterfalls – Outdoor Fountains, Decorative Water Features – Custom Made

  1. Michelle Johannes

    I used the Corten steel pieces to make a planter and they look absolutely beautiful. They have not yet oxidized to the rust color, but I really like how they look in the early stage too, so I know I’ll enjoy the whole process. Really nice, quality materials.

  2. Barbara Davis

    I was very happy with the process. the seller was helpful and I loved my end product. great quality !!!

  3. tate swearengin

    They were able to expedite my order very last minute, which was super helpful. Very honest and hard working

  4. Benjamin Keller

    On time arrival. As described.

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