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Handmade Moroccan Mosaic Fountain – Stunning Water Feature for Your Outdoor or Indoor Space – Unique Design and Soothing Water Flow


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Moroccan handcrafted luxurious mosaic fountain for the house, garden, inside, and outdoors.

The method of creating a mosaic fountain is entirely done by hand using natural materials and represents the authentic Moroccan zelige art with its various patterns and colors.

Moroccan zellige is a mosaic that originated mostly in the Fez region of Morocco and is used to adorn walls and occasionally floors. The zellige is unique in that it is made up of components made from colored and glazed terracotta pieces that are manually cut and put one by one on a mortar bed to create a geometric assembly of colors.

The water in this spectacular fountain is circulated in a closed circuit by a pump, immersing you in the ambiance of Milles et une nuit.

A “maalem,” or master artisan, creates the zelige by drawing and putting together all the geometric compositions from memory, reporting them, and adhering them directly to the walls that will be adorned. These compositions adhere to very specific constructional norms and very specific schemes.

A power outlet and one liter of water are required! No installation of plumbing or electricity! Extremely user-friendly!

Without any external installation, the water will circulate both inside the basin and through the water pump.

It is unquestionably the final touch that brings a touch of humanity to a stark environment or balances a modern home.

Every item manufactured at Berberbohos is lovingly handmade, individually designed, and handcrafted with our hearts and souls in mind.

We promise that our customers will receive the best products possible with the agreed-upon personalization.


Please send us a note if you can’t find the dimensions you’re looking for. Any size is possible with us.


Any slight difference from the pictures is due to hand-made and the imperfection in making an 100% identical item, and this is what distinguishes handmade.


Usually, it takes 4 weeks to process and send an order. You will receive a shipping confirmation from FedEx/DHL that includes a tracking number once an order has been processed and sent.

Shipping requires :

-Between 3 to 5 business days to Europe.

-Between 4 to 6 business days to the USA and Canada.

-Between 5 to 9 business days to Australia. 


Note: We have done our best to capture precise colors,

but know that the colors may vary based on the display screen and lighting (natural vs low lighting).

If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us via messages.


Your purchase means a lot for us, it will support craftsmen who rely heavily on artisanal work to survive and it will also make your house look beautiful with the Moroccan items <3


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