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Mushroom Bucket Grow Kit, 1-gallon, (Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster, Gold Oyster, Pink Oyster), Easy Beginner Mushroom Grow Kit, Garden Gift

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Easy to Grow Gourmet Mushrooms! Ready to eat in only a few weeks!

This grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own delicious gourmet mushrooms at home! Soon you’ll be enjoying the taste and health benefits of mushrooms fresher than any you’ll find in a grocery store.

Choose either lion’s mane, blue oyster, or gold oyster mushrooms. A 1-gallon bucket is roughly 5 pounds.


One food-grade bucket (1-gallon) filled with mushroom substrate. Our mushroom substrate is composed of red oak sawdust with non-GMO soyhulls and grain for nutrition. The substrate is fully colonized by your chosen mushroom mycelium and ready to fruit. Fruiting instructions are included and can be viewed here:

Your bucket contains living mushroom mycelium. The speed of fruiting and size of the mushrooms depends on environmental conditions. Mushrooms need adequate humidity, light, and fresh air to grow. Instructions for providing optimal conditions for fruiting your mushrooms are included. This kit is 100% guaranteed to grow by following the included instructions. We do not offer returns, but we will offer a replacement if your kit fails to fruit. Most of our customers get 3 harvests from their buckets.


Easy to Grow

Your mushroom bucket grow kit arrives ready to fruit. Remove the filter patches from the fruiting holes on the side of the bucket when you notice the mushroom is beginning to pin. Place your bucket in indirect light in a humid environment like your kitchen, mist with water a few times a day, and watch your mushrooms grow.

Multiple Harvests

Your mushroom bucket is capable of growing multiple flushes or harvests. The fruiting instructions include information on how to harvest and provide ideal conditions for 2nd or more flushes!


Unlike many other grow kits, your bucket mushroom grow kit does not rely on single-use plastic bags. The bucket and shipping materials are recyclable. You may also reuse your container. Local customers can return their bucket for a 10% discount on their next grow kit. Your used substrate makes for a highly nutritious soil additive. When you have finished harvesting from your bucket, add the used substrate to your compost bin or directly to your garden soil where it will help to sustain beneficial soil organisms. You may even find mushrooms popping up in your garden!


Each bucket will be packaged and shipped individually. If you purchase more than one bucket (thank you!), they will each arrive in their own box with a packing slip and fruiting instructions.

4 reviews for Mushroom Bucket Grow Kit, 1-gallon, (Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster, Gold Oyster, Pink Oyster), Easy Beginner Mushroom Grow Kit, Garden Gift

  1. L G

    Fantastic growth. Great instructions. Very successful yield. A fun easy project.

  2. suzannejali

    Great quality, arrived quickly, clear instructions. One of the two buckets I got didn’t produce as expected, and the seller was incredibly helpful when trouble-shooting, and quick to offer a replacement bucket.

  3. Victoria

    Came well packaged and the fluid is starting to come out the bottom so I suspect I’ll be having mushrooms after a little waiting.

  4. L G

    High quality container and materials. Very detailed instructions. Entire order is growing nicely.

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