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Ocean Blue Sparkle Custom Hanging Bowl with Premium 3w Lighted Solar Water Fountain, Solar-Powered, Birdbath Free Shipping

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Hanging custom OCEAN BLUE SPARKLE Bubbling Bowl with Premium 3w Lighted Solar Water Fountain | Garden Decor, Patio Elegance, Solar-Powered, Birdbath. Shines at night with LED lights that magically light up the bubbling water. Centering Rods keep the fountained centered.

The custom bowl is 10″ in diameter and 3 inches deep. Holds 3.2 quarts of water. Made of commercial grade polycarbonate which is stronger and much safer than glass. The hanging wires are thin to allow for the most sun and strong enough to hold many times the weight of the water filled bowl. The bowl is custom hand-embellished ocean blue sparkle. The bowl can also be used on a table or pedestal. Specially designed combination for your relaxation and bird watching as this can also serves as a water source for your winged friends. The premium solar fountain is a new generation model. 6.3″ in diameter and made by my favorite premium manufacturer. Sparkle is applied by a three-step process that locks out water and is UV resistant. No electrical wires are needed as the sun completely powers this fountain. No electric wires to run and no batteries to replace. The interior is smooth for easy cleaning. The outer bowl sparkles in the sun and showcases the water action. Included are exclusive use and maintenance instructions written by MountainArtConcepts.

Birds are fascinated by the water action and after getting comfortable they will make this their favorite watering hole. This makes a unique addition to your patio, yard or garden area. Just hang in a sunny spot and let the water and sun do the rest. You’ll love this.

Solar water fountain with hand embellished ocean blue sparkle by Mountain Art Casting. Ten-inch commercial-grade polycarbonate bowl with premium LED solar fountain and hanging wires. The bowl is much safer than glass. This can be used as a table centerpiece or a hanging bowl that has a run at night with lights solar fountain.

The fountain is the latest model from a most reliable manufacturer. The sparkle embellishment is a mountain art casting exclusive creation and when in the sun the sparkle delights. This fountain is meant to be used as a bubbler as high spray is only good for pools and ponds due to rapid water loss. Birds love drinking from this awesome combination.

It’s a Bird Magnet. Birds, Sun & Water Not Included but FUN Is!

4 reviews for Ocean Blue Sparkle Custom Hanging Bowl with Premium 3w Lighted Solar Water Fountain, Solar-Powered, Birdbath Free Shipping

  1. Jacqueline Shepard

    This solar fountain is a perfect addition to my little backyard! Every feature is top quality from materials, color, solar unit, and the LED lights.

    So easy to set up & clean. It is very calming and the honeybees love it for their much needed water source. I even had a hummingbird visit.
    I purchased a plant pulley from Amazon so I could lower/raise the solar fountain with ease for refilling/cleaning.
    Thank you Mountain Art for a great product, a fantastic purchase experience, & awesome communication!

  2. Dot48Dash

    Wonderful product! Well made, well shipped, and well-loved by the birdies! (Took them about a week to figure it out but they seem to enjoy it now!)

  3. dan richardson

    Everthing arrived in a timely manner and Dan was very helpful.

  4. Brian

    Dan is the MAN! He has been extremely helpful and has so many wonderful things for purchase. Buy from him and you won’t be sorry!

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